Thursday, January 29, 2009

Totally worth the calories...

My top 12 gastronomic delights from our travels in Canada, US and Hawaii...

1. Fairmont Bagels, Montreal. Blueberry, Sesame Seed, Multigran... but best eaten fresh from the oven outside the shop with the other fanatics! Thanks Johnny for introducing us to these!

2. Smoked meat sandwiches, Schwartz Deli, Montreal. Only the best smoked meat in the world could get away with such abrupt (but entertaining) waiters!

3. Poutine, Chez Claudette, Montreal. A French-Canadian staple. French fries covered with rich sweet gravy and topped with cheese curds. Basically a heart attack on a plate. But oh-so-good!

4. Beavertails, Ottawa. Deep fried pastry covered with cinnamon, sugar, and your choice of hazelnut spread, chocolate, caramel, banana and other goodies. Or just the plain and simple classic style as shown.

5. Richtree Market, Toronto. You can wander around choosing all or parts of your meal from different vendors providing the brightest and freshest of everything you could possibly imagine and they will cook it to your specifications right in front of you. Total genius.

6. Buffet de L'Antiquaire, Quebec City. Simply the best value anywhere! Good hearty traditional french canadian fare - welcome sustainance after sightseeing in -30 degrees! Just $30 for two three course meals and as for quality... the look on Ian's face says it all!

7. The Brussa-Toi Banquet, Mississauga. With plate after delicious plate Lisa and Bruno had us simultaneously praying for more and fearing it! No photos of the meal unfortunately but here is a pic of some perogies, which were served in abundance!

8. Aunt Sandra's cheeses. How does one woman come up with so many gems? Un coup de fromage! Here's one of them....

Special mention also for Aunt Sandra's mince pie!

9. Yummy Korean BBQ, Honolulu. Inside the International Market at Waikiki there is a food court with so much Hawaiian and Pacific cuisine to choose from. My nose led me to the Korean BBQ. Always trust the nose.

10. Tim Hortons hot chocolate and cinnamon roll, special mention for Ian the Iced Cappacino, Boston Creme and Canadian Maple Donuts. Here we are fresh off the plane in Vancouver, Ian reuniting with some of his best friends.

11. Buffalo Wings, The Anchor Bar, Buffalo. The home of the Buffalo Wing. There'll be no flying away after these babies.

12. Anything made by Mr Wannamaker. There was no pausing for photos at any of these meals! But the chili and spicy meatballs stand out in my memory :) Here he is with Ian in his bar, where he also mixes up a mean liquid concoction. I love this photo.

Back to the gym for me.... (sigh!)

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Gaybo said...

Wow looks like a great trip to Canada. Sounds like this guy Ian is so dreamy. I'd love to meet him...